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We are now supporters of STEM Nation awards

We are now supporters of STEM Nation awards

The STEM Nation Awards has been developed by Education Scotland to celebrate, promote and build on effective practice in STEM education within and across sectors.  All early learning and childcare (ELC) settings, primary schools, secondary schools and providers of community learning and development (CLD) are eligible to apply for the STEM Nation Award.  Settings may apply for an individual element or any combination of elements. Settings which achieve all five elements within a three year period will be eligible for the full STEM Nation Award.

Teachers, ELC practitioners and CLD providers from across Scotland worked with Education Scotland during the pilot phase and as part of a CLD working group to shape the award criteria and application process. The programme is designed to be flexible and supportive in response to the varying needs of different sectors and specific local contexts.

STEM Nation Award – STEM Nation (glowscotland.org.uk)

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