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We think that education is best way to help the needy. Your donations can help us do just that.


We believe in freedom and facilitation for everybody to learn, innovate and contribute their unique talents to make our world a better place.

We will develop free education where people can learn about the things that genuinely excite them at any stage in life.

We will help people set up a new business, social enterprise or any initiative they feel passionate about.

We aim to support learners of all ages to develop their knowledge, skills and abilities in a variety of subjects.

We will work with schools, universities, innovators, artists, businesses but especially those around the globe who could use a helping hand.

In the UK we will have a special focus on helping to create opportunities for young and disadvantaged people, enabling them to actively use their talents and potential to benefit their communities and society.

The MaidSafe Foundation will seek to collaborate with others to develop projects for a fairer and more balanced world.


Established at the start of 2011.

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Completed Projects

This is a selection of projects that we have completed in conjunction with local schools and community groups.

Barr Primary School

Door Hangings

Check it out

Catrine Primary School


Poppy Project

Take a look

Catrine Primary School

Chinese Screens

Watch this one

Ayrshire Women's Hub

and Girvan Academy

Consent Project

You'll like this

East Ayrshire Council

Holiday Clubs

Take a peek

Catrine Primary School

Mackintosh Roses


Struthers Primary School

Electricity and Space

Go on . . .

Ochiltree Primary School

Tartan Printing

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We have been supporting learners of all ages to develop their knowledge, skills and abilities in a variety of subjects since 2011.


Perhaps you are a retired engineer, teacher or have some other skillset which you’d like to offer? If so we would love to hear from you so please get in touch.


100% of all donations and funds raised will go directly to our projects and services as all of our operational and administrative overheads have already been covered by our core supporters.


Any help you feel you can give is hugely appreciated. If you are able to support us in any way or would like more information please get in touch.


Do you operate a Charity or a Social Enterprise?

Does your business need to fulfil Social Responsibilities?

Partner with us…together we can achieve more!

Custom Services

Fabrication & Prototyping

Our Services

Here at the MaidSafe Foundation we have invested in the latest technology to allow us to fabricate and prototype our ideas. We can offer use of these machines to members of the public for a small fee. You can email us your design or you can simply speak to a member of the team who can create your design for you. For larger projects or if you are part of a group or organisation we can arrange for one of the team to visit you to discuss your needs. We can provide materials or you can submit your own. All money raised from custom services will be reinvested into the MaidSafe Foundation, allowing us to help more people in the community.

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3D Printer

We also have a Makerbot Replicator+ 3D Printer and a selection of PLA filaments. The printer has a maximum print volume of 295x195x165mm and a resolution of 100 microns (0.01mm). You can email or IM us your .stl files to print or we can help design your item for you. Below are some of the items we have designed and printed.

Laser Cutter

We have a 40W Rayjet laser cutter. This can be used to engrave, etch or cut materials in fine detail including wood, plastics, fabrics, leather and it can even etch onto glass, including mirrors, and most metals. Below are just a few examples of the items we have created with the cutter. The maximum size for laser cutting is 305x427mm.



Home Educator S.t.e.m Packs

MaidSafe Foundation has designed a range of three packs ( Early, First and Second level) to cover Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths projects for children ages for  4 to 12 years old for home educators.  Each level contains 15 projects along with all the information needed to complete the projects.  Below is the information on the three packages we provide.   Please contact us for more information on the packs and to request a free try before you buy lesson.

Package 1

 a donation of £30.00

Choose one pack from Early, First or Second levels.

You will receive 15 projects.

Includes any project sheets and links needed for the projects.

You will receive all links to additional resources


We are on hand if you need any assistance

Package  2

a donation of £50.00

Choose two packs from Early, First or Second levels.

You will receive 30 projects.

Includes any project sheets and links needed for the projects.

You will receive all links to additional resources needed.

We are on hand if you need any assistance

Package  3

a donation of £75.00


You will receive all three packs Early, First and Second levels.

You will receive 45 projects.

Includes any project sheets and links needed for the projects.

You will receive all links to additional resources needed.

We are on hand if you need any assistance




Job Title

Operations Coordinator

Margaret comes from an art and textiles background, with a degree in Textile Design from Glasgow School of Art where she specialised in weaving. She has been with the Foundation since September 2018 and has already completed some successful projects with local primary schools. Pictures can be viewed in the Completed Projects tab. She is also a registered STEM Ambassador meaning that she can be called upon to support Community Groups with Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths projects.
FRASER HUTCHISON, of Blythswood Care, had this to say about her:

“Margaret DONALD of the Maidsafe Foundation knew me as a Director of Maidsafe.  She also was aware of my involvement with Blythswood Care, a long-established Christian charity with a local group of volunteers based in Irvine, known as the Wednesday Packers. Recently, Margaret’s work with the Foundation found her in Barr in the local school organising some of the senior children to produce a delightful series of montages depicting their school and the local area.  Margaret was seeking materials and other items for this event and promptly gained Blythswood Care’s help. Over several weeks Margaret visited the Packers and recovered much of the outstanding requirements for the School event.  Significantly, however, it was not Margaret’s style simply to accept whatever items had been set aside for her use.  Rather, Margaret made herself well known to many of the individual Packers and joined in their work of sorting and sifting through the mounds of donated items. It was this wholehearted and selfless attitude that endeared her to the Packers and allowed them to continue to outsort items for her on the Wednesdays Margaret was unable to join the Packers. Margaret ensured that the Packers saw the end result of the Barr montages by visiting Irvine after the montages and been publicly displayed armed with a splendid selection of pictures of the youngsters’ efforts – and of the proud children. Margaret is a most personable, dedicated and hard-working individual with a very broad remit for the Foundation, working largely on her own initiative.  In sum, Margaret sets the tone of the Foundation – to its great benefit.”


What Our Patrons Say!​

Paula Murphy, Head Teacher at Barr primary (Door Banner Project):
“Working with Margaret, from Maidsafe, has been a complete joy and a tremendous learning experience for our children. From the planning of the project through to completion, Margaret was imaginative, creative and extremely helpful. Our pupils worked with Margaret to develop artwork using locally sourced flora and fauna, developing their knowledge of sustainability and the environment. This fed into our local and national priorities in Developing the Young Workforce, Creativity and Sustainability. I would whole-heartedly recommend working with the Maidsafe Foundation to any other school.”
Judith Govens, Head Teacher at Catrine primary (Poppy, Chinese Dragon and Macintosh Rose Projects)
"We were lucky enough to have Margaret from Maidsafe work with pupils in our school on two occasions. She worked with our P7 pupils to create a WWI Remembrance Banner. Our pupils drew their WWI sketch onto wood, Margaret cut out the sketch and then helped the pupils to screen paint their sketches onto material to form a wonderful Remembrance Banner which was proudly displayed in both our school and in Catrine Parish Church as part of our Remembrance Day events. Margaret also worked with our infant pupils to create Chinese symbols as part of our topic on Chinese New Year. The pupils painted their symbols onto wood, and after cutting out the symbols, Margaret showed them how to paint their symbol onto paper to create a beautiful Chinese New Year display. At all times, Margaret was professional, friendly, approachable and made learning fun for our pupils. The children at Catrine PS loved working with her and her exciting ideas and crafts were always a big hit!"
Pamela Lockie, Ochiltree primary Deputy Headteacher:
“In 2019, all children in Primary 1- 3 from Ochiltree Primary School were involved in an arts and crafts project with Margaret Donald from Maidsafe. The children enjoyed creating, printing and weaving their individually designed tartans as part of their inter-disciplinary learning about Robert Burns. Margaret from Maidsafe was very supportive and worked together with school staff to plan and support the project with her expertise and resources. She was able to teach different techniques to the children. Her enthusiasm and support were invaluable and the children really enjoyed creating their pieces. We would be delighted to work with Margaret and Maidsafe again when current restrictions allow.”
Pamela Lockie
Deputy Headteacher

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