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Barr Door Hangings

Barr Door Hangings

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This was the project we completed just before the summer holidays. We were working with the pupils of Barr Primary in South Ayrshire.

The first few pictures are of our solar dying and dying with plant materials projects, we used red cabbage, onion skins and nettles to name just a few. Once we had dyed some of the fabrics we used them along with recycled fabric donated from Blythwood care, and the lovely volunteers at Fullerton connects in Irvine. The fabric we recycled was old clothing which was not suitable for resale in their charity shops. This donation helped us create patch work door banners which the children designed of Barr. We have the P1-4 banner which is a scene of Barr with a pocket at the bottom which includes the finger prints and names of all the children and staff who helped create the piece. The second banner was completed by the P5-7 class which shows views of Barr over the four seasons and also includes a view of what their new extension to the school will look like after the building work is completed and includes their finger prints and names in the squares of the play ground. Some amazing creative work for all the children involved.

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